5 Reasons Why You Should Have Coaching With Premier Tennis:
  • We’re passionate & dedicated to see your success
  • Our Coaches have extensive experience with all types of players
  • We run junior Hot Shot Programs all the way up to our Elite Academy
  • Our Lessons focus on both fun and rapid improvement
  • We care and look after our players welfare
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Tennis Lessons Sydney

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Tennis Coaching Programs:

We have the following tennis programs on offer:

Private Lessons

Kids Hot Shots Programs

Adult Group Lessons

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Looking for a qualified tennis coach in Sydney?

Are you looking to take your game to the next level with tennis lessons?

Premier Tennis provides Tennis Lessons in Sydney. With extensive experience coaching all levels, and a desire to see you succeed, the coaches at Premier Tennis will be able to help you play great tennis, no matter your age or ability level.

Tennis Coaching Sydney

tennis player in SydneyTrying to find a tennis coach that suits your game is often a difficult task. Whether you’re looking for a coach to improve your social tennis, or take your tennis to a highly competitive level, it’s important to find a coach that understands your needs and can tailor a tennis lesson and program to your specific needs.

A number of key aspects are looked at upon starting your tennis coaching program. Specifically your coach will look at the goals that you have in mind, designing a tennis lesson program that is specific to your needs and requirements.

The age of the player, their current ability level, their overall experience, their strengths, weaknesses, and their overall goals will tie together to provide a structure that suits their needs. No two players are the same and a detailed plan will be put in place to ensure that every tennis lesson finishes with the player improving whether it be technically, tactically, physically and even improving their tennis game mentally.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player looking to take your tennis to the next level, our tennis coaching in Sydney is designed in a way that will develop a player to meets their goals. Having both tennis coaching qualifications with Tennis Australia and Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association our tennis coaches have the experience to take your game to a higher level.

Our tennis lessons in Sydney currently offer both private and semi-private coaching options, as well as classes for kids tennis and ladies tennis at select venues. We also provide a pathway to elite training squads and academies both in the morning and afternoons. Our experience covers from juniors to elite players and everything in between.

Kids Tennis Lessons Sydney

As mentioned above our kids tennis lessons Sydney are designed specifically for the younger player. In partnership with the MLC Tennis Hot Shots program that has over 300,000 kids participating annually around Australia, we run a kids tennis coaching program that is ideal for boys and girls of a young age. The tennis lessons are run as group lessons, allowing for fun with others as well as building new friendships in a social and active setting.

We also offer kids tennis lessons in private and semi-private options, using the lower compression balls and modified tennis equipment which gives the boys and girls a more tailored, individualised approach to learning the game in an environment that fosters and speeds up their development.

The MLC Hot Shots coaching program is designed in a way that grows with the kids physical development as well as continued skill development. The three stages consists of red stage that is for players aged roughly between 5-8 years old, orange ball stage that is for kids from 8-11 years old and then green ball stage which is the final stage before full compression standard balls. Players are encouraged to be between 10-12 years old for green ball however players with advanced skill development can progress earlier to this stage.

The kids tennis lesson programs also encompass modified racquets, nets and court sizes all of which have been reduced in size to accommodate the smaller physical size of the players. This advancement that has come about of recent years with the Tennis Hot Shots program has been welcomed internationally as a strong program for developing young players both technically and tactically.

As mentioned earlier our kids tennis program runs all year round, with holiday camps being run during the school holiday breaks in select Sydney venues.

Tennis Camps Sydney

At select venues we have tennis camps during the school holiday break. These are great for kids who want to have fun and keep up their tennis during the break periods.

For the younger kids the tennis camps run the nationally recognised Hot Shots Tennis program that is specifically designed for younger players, with low compression balls, that allow the ball to bounce lower and travel slower, as well as modified nets and courts. All of this perfect for the beginner or younger player. For more information on this read the section on kids tennis lessons Sydney.

Tennis Classes Sydney

Our tennis classes Sydney are as described above, available for all players of all ages and abilities. Our tennis lesson classes range from MLC Hot Shot group lessons for kids as young as 5, to adult lessons. We have ladies tennis classes and group squad training.

So if you’re based in Sydney, Australia and are looking to take your tennis to the next level with a qualified, expert tennis coach to help you better yourself in the best sport in the world, then please let us know how we can help by giving us a ring to let us know your tennis coaching requirements.